27 Jan 2024


09 Dec 2023


12 Nov 2023

Food was disgusting, lots of better places to eat in the town - won’t be back


09 Nov 2023

Ordered for half past 9 as that's when my break was delivery arrive about half past 8 so when I got it the food was stone cold so it went right in the bin.


09 Nov 2023

Fantastic food😀


21 Oct 2023


13 Oct 2023

Meal arrived 5mins early.


20 Sep 2023

28 Aug 2023

Best takeaway in st andrews 😀


31 Jul 2023

Very very good food 😊


28 Jul 2023

Great food 😀


20 Jul 2023

Wonderful kebab 😀, very tasty, chips were crispy and tasted great 😀, well worth ordering food from this takeaway 😀 you will not be disappointed 😀😀😀


08 Jul 2023

Donner meat wasn't what I was expecting, Looked and tasted different to the norm in St Andrews.


05 Jul 2023


25 Jun 2023


23 Jun 2023

Quality of food was poor. The chips tasted and looked like they were 3 days old. We had wraps and Kebabs which none of us ate. Could clearly say it was the worst carry out we’ve ever had.


17 Jun 2023

I had to argue tooth and nail to get a refund, I ordered off their online app. I waited until 10 minutes after its due time, and called to ask where my order was, and was informed they don't deliver after 11:30. There is no information pertaining to this on there app. I demanded a refund and was told I'll get it tomorrow. Probably in the hop I trusted in that and they just rip me off. I went up to the outlet and demanded an immediate cash refund, I was refused this initially, but got their flyer waved in my face saying it says on their flyer they don't deliver after certain time, that's great to know, but as I tried to explain to the staff for the third time at least, I ordered through their app which did not state a cut off time and allowed me to place a delivered order. I got my refund after being patronised by the staff. Tbh I was just trying this place out on whim as they used to run dervish. Dervish had very greasy pizzas and questionable kebab meat. So I'd imagine "new" empire will be equally atrocious, but as I will never be back I'll never know. Incidentally since taking over that business they are still using the food hygiene award from the previous owners, and according to the food standards website, have had no recent form of inspection. Probably glad I didn't get the food now tbh. Dervish failed and so will this!


05 Jun 2023


28 Apr 2023


16 Apr 2023


14 Apr 2023

Very enjoyable+value 4 money


07 Apr 2023


07 Apr 2023

All good food and friendly staff


19 Feb 2023

words can't describe how amazing the service was, much appreciated


11 Feb 2023

you're the local hero of our fast food industery, love


25 Jan 2023

disappointed, the quality is fine but I expect a reasonable price from your shop



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